About Maritime Container Services

Maritime Container Services Pty Ltd (MCS) has been an integral part of the shipping industry in Sydney for over 41 years and is proud to be recognised as one of NSW's oldest independently operated, family owned transport companies. Servicing the rail transport, road freight transport and shipping container storage industries, we specialise in the transport, storage, handling and repairs of all types of shipping containers.

From the humble beginnings of operating with only four employees, three customers and the capacity to store only 500 TEUs. MCS has grown to a company that now employs over 195 people, has hundreds of clients and the capacity to store 18,500 TEUs. Since opening our doors only 4 years after the first dedicated container ship (Encounter Bay) arrived in Sydney, Maritime Container Services continues to be jointly owned and managed by Grahame's sons, David and James, since his passing on the 31st August 2014.

Our Commitment to Service

MCS is committed to providing the highest level of service to achieve customer satisfaction by offering reliable and cost-effective solutions for road freight transport and rail transport as well as shipping container storage and maintenance solutions for all types of containers. The Board of Directors, Senior Management and every employee acknowledge that achieving this objective is a continual process of reviewing our day-to-day performance which in turn improves the service we provide.

We operate with a shared set of values that contribute to the success of our company and our commitment to reducing our environmental impact :

  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Customer Satisfaction

Meeting Your Requirements

By providing customers with high quality, convenient and cost-effective intermodal terminal services , MCS has expanded its breadth to include the services our customers require most. From shipping container repairs and upgrades to dangerous goods storage and handling, we provide comprehensive logistic services for effective freight transport and container storage in Sydney. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


Established in 1973 Maritime Container Services (MCS) is the oldest off dock, independent, family owned company in Sydney which manages the largest privately operated Intermodal terminal in NSW.

The business is managed from two sites:

  • St Peters - Located only 10km from Port Botany. A container terminal with a rail yard connected to the main line into Botany. It has four working rail sidings and a further two sidings for shipping container storage and holding.
  • Banksmeadow - The site is adjacent to Port Botany and plays a key role in the management of the repositioning and staging of full import and export containers.

Maritime Container Services offers a full range of services including;

  • Road freight transport for containerised cargo to Sydney metro and intrastate locations
  • Rail transport services for import and export containers
  • Full shipping container storage and handling for general, under bond, refrigerated and hazardous cargo
  • Empty shipping container storage and handling
  • Container surveying and repairs
  • Container upgrading i.e. to food quality standards
  • DAFF certification for export AND empty import containers.
  • AQIS approved fumigation
  • AQIS approved 2.8 licences to store imported pork meat
  • AQIS approved 2.6 licenses to survey empty container imports
  • Container cleaning
  • Container sales and modifications

For more information on any of our intermodal terminal services, get in touch with a Maritime Container Services representative today.


History of Maritime Container Services
  • H G Pullen, a general carrier who was in operation for 50 years dating back to the horse and cart days, was owned and operated by Grahame's grandfather, his mother's father, named Henry.

    Geoff Wright, Grahame's father, took over the family business that was located at Addison Rd, Marrickville. Their core business as a general carrier was the transportation of various commodities that included tobacco, alcohol and steel.

    Grahame, and his brother Stephen Wright, worked for their father at HG Pullen.

    In the 1960's Grahame was located at Cooks River steel road unloading incoming steel trains and the loading of trucks for delivery.

  • In 1973 the Electricity Commission had a parcel of land available for lease on the banks of Cooks River at Henderson St, Turrella. At that time there were only 3 depots offering container pack and unpack services. Grahame saw an ideal opportunity and leased the land for the purpose of providing specialised services in empty shipping container storage, container surveying and repairs. He commenced the business, Maritime Container Services, on 1 October, 1973 being the first to offer such specialised services. The name Maritime Container Services was born from the simple fact that Grahame wanted to represent and reflect their core business of the services provided to the Shipping industry.

  • Initially, the business growth came from cold calling and door knocking Shipping Line companies. With perseverance came the success in winning a few key accounts, providing storage and repairs for Columbus Line, now known as Hamburg Sud, Wilhelmsen, Farrell and others.

  • During the late 1970's Grahame expanded his business by purchasing his first truck, offering road freight transport services for empty containers, ultimately owning in excess of 50 trucks in a short period of time.

    In 1978 he relocated, renting land at Harber St, St Peters. A few years later further land was rented at Mitchell Rd, Alexandria to cater for the growing business.

    In late 1982 Grahame leased a small block of land at Cooks River from the State Transit Authority in an effort to grow his road freight transport division.

    In 1988 Grahame purchased 10 acres of land at McPherson St, Banksmeadow. As the business grew he leased another 6 acres next door to the Banksmeadow site. He also purchased property at Excel St, Banksmeadow expanding his services to include storage for full containers, warehousing and transport services. Both Excel St and Cooks River sites held license for Custom Controlled Cargoes.

    Through rapid expansion and out of necessity, by 1982 MCS was the only Australian container terminal operator that had developed their own tailored fully integrated Online Container Tracking System ("COTS").

    By the end of the 80's MCS was again the first to develop a system of electronic customer data retrieval and input-Data Interface Electronic Transfer (DIET ) relating to their equipment and their shipper requirements. This system was launched at the Sydney Opera House. "COTS" was then updated to incorporate a transport booking, tracking and invoicing program.

  • In 1991 the transport division was relocated to Excel St. The State Transit site at Cooks River was then re-opened to focus their efforts of expanding the business to incorporate rail transport, commencing MCS's rail division. The first train was handled on 3 September, 1993 being a 38 wagon service Namoi cotton train from Wee Waa. On 1st November, 2000 MCS commence the MCS Express, a daily rail transport service to Melbourne to assist with the continuing Melbourne container imbalance problem. At this time MCS was handling 1/3 of Sydney's container movements.

    In 2000 Maritime Container Services was invited by the Victorian Government to participate in the Best Practice Study into container park operations.

    In 2002 Maritime Container Services developed their own Trucksafe program which received industry accreditation.

  • On the 17th August, 2005 MCS completed their Environmental Management Plan. The plan was designed to meet and surpass regulatory requirements. The objective of the plan and the company philosophy was to be proactive in managing environmental excellence.

    In 2007 Sydney Ports Corporation purchased the Cooks River site from State Rail who granted MCS a long term lease of the site.

    Prior to the sale of the Banksmeadow site in 2008, the corporate sector of the business was relocated to Cooks River and continues to grow.

    MCS was also a long standing member of IIRA (International Intermodal Repairs Australia) which helped to formulate many polices adopted by Australian and International container parks.

    Today, Maritime Container Services continues to offer an extensive range of services.