MCS has been servicing rail since 1993 and currently has the largest holding of various empty shipping containers in Sydney. This, in addition to our modern upgraded facility, allows us to cater for your rail transport requirements.

Utilising excess capacity on rural train services, and with the introduction of our Sydney Flyer port shuttle services, MCS continues to work closely with rail operators to reduce the number of road freight transport moving between Port Botany and Cooks River providing our customers with cost efficiencies.

Our Capabilities

Led by an experienced and knowledgeable rail team, MCS provides no-risk logistic services, providing industry expertise and capabilities to get your shipping container where it needs to be 24/7.

  • MCS has the closest open-access, multi-user rail terminal to Sydney's Port Botany terminals
  • We service both short and long haul rail transport in rural NSW
  • Direct rail access between our intermodal terminal and the port allows MCS to quickly and efficiently bring imports from the wharf and put them directly onto rural trains
  • The Sydney Flyer rail port shuttle services provides the flexibility to transport export and import containers between Port Botany and Cooks River Intermodal Terminal in a timely manner, providing cost savings to our customers
  • Rail transport complements our road freight transport for both import and export containers
  • We have 8 sidings on site and the capacity to handle trains up to 1200m in length
  • Shipping containers can also be brought to our customs bonded storage facility for an interim period before being despatched for rail transport. Read more about our shipping container storage services here.
Customised Logistics Solutions

To learn more about how our intermodal terminal services can be custom designed to provide you with a cost-effective and efficient logistics solution for your freight transport requirements, contact a company representative from MCS today.