In addition to servicing both long and short haul rail transport, MCS offers road freight transport services for the convenient shipping of almost any consignment. Thanks to our modern equipment and numerous accreditations, our trucking company provides one of the largest volumes of import/export shipments to Botany Bay and other ports in NSW as well as one of the highest volumes of empty shipping container repositioning

Thanks to our team's extensive experience in wharf transport and the strategic location of our intermodal terminals, MCS is able to provide the services of a traditional trucking company and so much more. With the capacity for full and empty shipping containers, dangerous goods handling, reefer container shipping and 24/7 operations, we ensure that your shipment arrives safely to its destination.

Modern Equipment for Reliable Performance

With a modern fleet of more than 100 vehicles, MCS is fully capable of providing comprehensive road freight transport in Sydney and rural NSW. The newest vehicles in our fleet are less than 5 years old and meet Euro 5 emission standards. Our fleet includes:

  • Side loaders
  • Drop decks
  • Drop trailers
  • HML capabilities for greater productivity
  • Generator sets for the shipping of reefer containers
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Shipping container tracking with the Gateway System

MCS is a proud member of the Truck Safe System.

Container Chain

More than a Trucking Company

To learn more about our road freight transport services and capabilities, get in touch with MCS directly. Our extensive industry experience and intermodal terminal capabilities allow us to provide customers with comprehensive logistic solutions for everything from road freight and rail transport in rural NSW to shipping container storage and repair in Sydney Metro.