With extensive experience in the industry, MCS has been successfully assisting importers and exporters in finding the required services for the safe and efficient handling of their shipments for over four decades. We use modern equipment and the latest technologies for reliable service you can monitor.

MCS holds a section 77G depot license issued by Australian Customs and Border Protection at both our Cooks River intermodal terminal and our Banksmeadow facility. This license allows us to act as an extension to the wharf and store shipping containers that still require the payment of applicable duties. We also hold DAFF and Dangerous Goods licenses, permitting us to transport and store virtually any type of shipping container or goods.

Shipping and Storing Your Goods

From shipping container storage in our customs bonded facilities to providing road freight transport and servicing the rail transport industry, MCS offers a comprehensive range of intermodal terminal services for importers and exporters:

Shipping - Whether your shipment requires road freight transport, rail transport or a combination of these, MCS can design a logistics solution that will provide fast, cost-effective delivery. Our trucking company holds licenses for dangerous goods handling as well as being equipped for reefer containers while our longstanding partnerships with rail transport providers will ensure that we find a suitable solution to meet your transport needs.

Storage - MCS not only provides customers with the largest shipping container storage facility in the Sydney port district and NSW, but we also continually update our technology and government licenses to ensure that we can offer the services you require. This includes container tracking technology as well as dangerous goods storage and handling and reefer container storage. Our Cooks River facility also has one of the few pork storage licenses in Sydney.

A Solution for Any Requirement

If you would like more information about our intermodal terminal services, including dangerous goods storage and handling and reefer container storage for imports and exports, get in touch with a company representative from MCS today. Our experienced team will provide you with a comprehensive solution to your requirements for freight transport and shipping container storage in Sydney and rural NSW.