Our Commitment to Sustainability

Drawing on the strength of our long history of leadership in the freight transport and shipping container storage industries, MCS has developed an Environmental Policy that encourages our responsibility to deliver sustainable services. We are committed to the objective of providing the highest level of performance to merit customer satisfaction throughout our range of intermodal terminal services while looking to reduce our environmental impact with every stage of development.

The Board of Directors, the Management Team and our employees acknowledge that achieving this objective is a continual process of review and improvement. Our quality and reliability as a service provider and trading partner is equally the concern of every company member and participation is encouraged on an ongoing basis to improve our effectiveness.

In line with our Environmental Management Plan already in place, the team at MCS actively takes steps to:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint by incorporating solar technology
  • Reduce road freight movements by utilising rail transport
  • Continuously upgrade equipment to add more fuel efficient machinery
  • Use low sulphur diesel fuel where possible

Our Environmental Policy:

  • Incorporate environmental responsibilities and accountabilities into every aspect of our operations
  • Ensure all staff and contractors are aware of this policy
  • Establish an environmental management program designed to meet or exceed regulatory requirements
  • Encourage our contractors and suppliers to achieve our standards
  • Maintain monitoring and reporting systems to audit and report on our environmental performance by promoting continual improvement to achieve our environmental objectives and targets
  • Communicate with the community and all interested parties on our environmental performance
  • Provide our staff with environmental education as well as training programs to ensure their understanding of environmental responsibility
  • Identify opportunities to prevent pollution, minimise waste, save energy and conserve natural resources
  • Continually review this policy via our periodical audits
  • Senior management and staff are all responsible for ensuring this policy is implemented