By providing our customers with comprehensive intermodal terminal services, MCS makes freight transport and container storage easy and cost-effective. Our close proximity to Sydney's port as well as major highways, and with direct rail services, ensures the fast movement of your goods. Our capacity to transport full and empty shipping and reefer containers, provide dangerous goods storage and handling and our 24/7 on-site security monitoring guarantees the safety of your shipment.

  • Container Handling and Storage - Thanks to our strategic locations and the largest facility in NSW, our two customs bonded terminals provide customers with unparalleled convenience for shipping container storage in Sydney, including power for reefer containers and licenses for dangerous goods storage and handling.
  • Maintenance and Repair - Specialising in the upgrade of containers for rural exports, our large team of experienced surveyors and repairers also provide survey, quote, repair and wash services to the highest standards. Our expert crew is able to fulfil release requirements under tight deadlines, including DPI inspections.
  • Road Transportation - MCS's road freight transport services a large volume of import and export consignments to Botany Bay and other ports. Our trucking company's modern fleet is capable of transporting full and empty shipping containers, dangerous goods and reefer containers with generators, allowing us to meet any customer's requirements.
  • Rail Transportation - With the closest multi-user, open-access rail terminal to Sydney's ports, MCS provides convenient and efficient triangular logistics services to get your shipping containers to their destination. Our rail transport complements ship and road freight transport for virtually any export or import to Australia.
  • Intermodal Services - Providing customers with comprehensive road and rail transport and shipping container storage in Sydney, MCS regularly looks to improve efficiencies, update technology and improve the customer experience with cost-effective intermodal terminal services.
  • Importers and Exporters - Acting as an extension to the wharf, our intermodal terminals located in Botany Bay and St. Peters provide importers and exporters with pre-receival/post-arrival customs bonded terminals and storage facilities designed to suit their unique requirements.

For more information on any of our intermodal terminal services, including road freight transport, rail transport and shipping container storage in Sydney, contact the friendly and experienced team at MCS today